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GST Rules
* GST Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Daman and Diu Rules, 2017.
1) Accounts and Record Rules
        1.1 Account Record Rules.
        1.2 Format Account Record Rules.
2) Advance Ruling
        2.1 Advance ruling Authority Rules.
        2.2 Advance ruling Formats.
3) Anti Profiteering Rules
        3.1 Anti Profiteering Rules.
4) Appeals and Revision
        4.1 Appeal and Revision Rules.
        4.2 Appeal and Revision Format.
5) Assessment and Audit
        5.1 Assessment and Audit Rules.
        5.2 Assessment Format.
        5.3 Audit Format.
6) Composition
        6.1 Composition Format.
        6.2 Composition Rules.
7) E-way Bill
        7.1 e-Way Bill Rules.
8) Invoice GST Rules
        8.1 Invoice Rules.
9) ITC Rules
        9.1 ITC Format.
        9.2 ITC Rules.
10) Payment Rules
        10.1 Payments Format.
        10.2 Payment Rules.
11) Proposed Credit Transfer Document
        11.1 Proposed credit transfer document.
12) Refund Rules
        12.1 Refund Format.
        12.2 Refund Rules.
13) Registration
        13.1 Registration Format.
        13.2 Registration Rules.
14) Return
        14.1 GSTP Format.
        14.2 Mismatch Format.
        14.3 Return Format.
        14.4 Return Rules.
15) Transition Rules
        15.1 Transition Rules.
        15.2 Transition Format.
16) Valuation Rules
        16.1 Valuation Rules.

Latest Modifications in VATSoft :
  •   UT Administration has been ammended the TAX Rate 4% to 5%. For detail see the Notification section. wef 14.Jan.2016
  •   Dealer list has been updated, effective from 28/10/2016.
  •   Dealer please note: Bulk upload Transasction Details option is now available under the E-I and E-II Form Request, effective from 01/11/2015.
  •   Department has updated and streamlined the e-Return(Revised), e-Challan and e-Payment module, effective from 14/08/2015.
  •   Dealer please note: This is to inform you that, Due to technical problem, message related to non-filling of return of 2014-15 is sent to the all dealers. If you already filled the return of the said period, Please ignore the message. Inconvenience deeply regretted.
  •   Dealer please note: This is to inform you that, shutdown of VATSoft application services on 16th April, 2015 for about 1 and half hours (from 5PM to 6.30PM) due to Website maintenance activity.
  •   Dealer please note: Please upload Assessment Order 2010-11 for Statutory Forms, effective from 01/04/2015.
  •   Dealer please note: Bulk upload Transasction Details option is now available under the F-Form Request, effective from 21/02/2015.
  •   Dealer please note: The issues regarding DVAT 31A have been resolved. Please download fresh copy of convertor.
  •   e-Return module has been updated and e-Challan module has been introduced. Please download fresh copy of converter and see the user manual of challan generation and upload.
  •   The issue of error during return submission has been resolved.
  •   TDS RC number format has been updated. Please collect fresh copies of TDS RC from the department(w.e.f 23rd July 2014). Please visit the department with original TDS Certificate.
  •   Dealer please note: Please use new format of TDS RC number while making TDS e-Payments online.
  •   The manual entry of invoice details in the C-Form application screen has been disable , effective from 24th May 2014. All invoices that have to be in the C-Forms should mandatorily be part of returns filed.
  •   The online system now allows you to choose the business unit while validating .xml files and applying for the statutory forms, in case multiple business units are associated with that TIN number.
  •   Please ensure that you have uploaded the 2009-10 assessment order before you apply for C Forms.The C Forms application will be rejected if 2009-10 order is not uploaded.
  •   C-Form final output updatd - C-Form period and no.of invoices added.  
  •   Ensure that the returns filed are up to date before applying for C forms. The system will not issue C forms untill returns are updated, effective from 07/05/2014.  
  •   The Fatal error for Seller Name "ESN" has been solved. Please download the fresh copy of "New Convertor" before filling the return.
  •   Please use party name as given in dealer list on this website while filling returns.
  •   F and H forms available online only effective from 1st April,2014(for for details please see notification regarding it).
  •   Submit authorised signatory details if not allready submited. please bring photo copy of PAN card, address proof in the prescribed format to IT department.